PARISH councillors in Williton will be debating controversial plans for a new supermarket and retail development in the village in June.

David Gliddon, a local businessman in the village has produced redrawn plans for a supermarket.

The development also includes a number of smaller shops and office units, residential accommodation, a mini roundabout, 175-space car park and a pedestrian link to the village centre.

West Somerset Council threw out the original plans for the proposal on Bank Street last year.

Williton Parish Council opposed first time round however a sub-committee of councillors has been set up to look at the latest plans.

A list of recommendations will be debated by the full council at its monthly meeting on June 2.

Keep Williton Special has opened a petition against Mr Gliddon’s plans, as reported in last week’s County Gazette, but now a petition has been launched online in favour of the new supermarket.

The petition – ‘We are for Williton Supermarket’ – was launched on GoPetition on May 6 and so far 114 people have signed it.

The petition reads: “This is the second attempt for proposals of a new supermarket and other retail outlets in Williton.

“We have a new hospital, new council offices and new housing, but the retail development has never changed and Williton needs to grow with the times or it will become a dormitory village.

“Nobody wants this. “Every week something else closes or is under threat of closure and it’s time to move on.

“We need expansion and we need jobs.”

You can find the petition in favour of the supermarket at

Posters and leaflets can be found around the village if you wish to register your objections to the plans.