SANCTUARY Housing is supporting residents in crisis by helping with the expansion of a local food bank charity in Newton Abbot and Teignbridge.

Demand from local residents and families for nutritious food packs is rising month-on-month for Newton Abbot and Teignbridge Food Bank, operated by Teignbridge Homeless Action Today charity.

Since opening in September 2011, demand for food packs has increased from 15 packs per month to an expected 100 packs per month this summer.

The packs are full with nutritious goodness and provide young families with a range of tasty meals, ranging from a bowl of cereal in the morning to a hearty pie for after-school supper.

To date, Newton Abbot and Teignbridge Food Bank have handed out over 1000 food packs.

To build on their support network, the charity has relocated to newly-improved permanent premises, for residents to receive further support in a safe and secure environment.

The charity has been collecting donations from an array of generous sponsors to help achieve this, including Cooperative Bank, Teignbridge Council and Sanctuary Housing’s Grand Ideas Fund.

To mark the new chapter, Teignbridge Homeless Action Today invited all sponsors to an evening launch event this month.

Hugh Buttenshaw, fundraising co-ordinator from Teignbridge Homeless Action Today, said: “We are very proud at the level of support we have managed to provide the local community and we are confident our future plans will benefit countless more local families and individuals.

“Without all the donations, shared resources and volunteers, we wouldn’t have reached half the local residents we’ve managed to help and we are hugely grateful for everyone involved in this.”