TOURISM in Minehead could be badly affected by overgrown weeds and dead plants all over the town, a councillor has warned.

Minehead town councillor Gail Everett said there has been a lack of grounds maintenance around the town and she has taken matters into her own hands.

She said: “The grass is cut once in a blue moon. “I’ve made several complaints to the district council, but everything seems very slow in getting done or it just doesn’t get done.

“We said we were more than happy to help out in any way, but they didn’t seem keen.”

Cllr Everett decided to take matters into her own hands by pulling out bindweed.

She said she hoped the council would find out what she had done and contact her so she could explain why she felt forced into action.

She added: “It’s really annoying – I’ve had residents come up and complain to me about how untidy it is. 


“Minehead’s lovely and we want to give a good impression to visitors because we rely on them for our income.

“If the weeds aren’t sorted they’ll kill the bushes and it will cost thousands to replace them.

A West Somerset Council spokesman said: “The council takes pride in West Somerset and is sorry to hear these concerns.

“It’s important that everyone does their bit to keep the area clean and tidy, principally by not dropping litter and by clearing up after their dogs.

“Grounds maintenance is being carried out in Minehead and other locations in West Somerset.

“A member of staff was absent due to illness for a number of weeks, but has now returned.

“This brief absence occurred during the most active part of the growing season when the effects of a reduced workforce may have been more apparent.

“West Somerset Council continues to seek volunteers to help support the work of its employees and would be interested to hear from anyone able to offer their free time to make the environment better.”