A HISTORIC wall on the Holnicote Estate has recently been fully restored after 6½ years thanks to a dedicated volunteer team.

The 4km Selworthy Wall was built to protect cultivated fields from the moorland.

In 2007, a request to help restore the wall looked unlikely to be met, but a small group decided to attempt the project themselves.

Alistair Campbell, one of the volunteers, said: “When we started on this project we really didn’t know what we’d taken on.

“There have been some tough moments, but there have been many more great days on the wall.”

Paul Camp, ranger and volunteer manager, said: “The volunteers have done an amazing job and shown incredible skill, dedication and perseverance throughout the project.

“In a wider context, it really helps to broaden the support and understanding of the Trust’s conservation work both to the volunteers themselves and the millions of visitors who come to the property.”