NEW research shows those in the South West are the group who are most likely to have been sun burnt within the last 12 months. 33% of people who live in the south west have been sunburnt in the last year compared to a national average of 23%.

Further research shows that over three in ten (34%) of us nationally, are unlikely to use sun protection when being active in the sun in Britain. P20 once a day sun protection asked 2,000 people about their sun habits in Britain and found that it’s not just baking in the hot overseas sun that is putting millions at risk, as many of those who were sunburnt in the last 12 months were being active in the British sun.

Millions of us are at risk of sun damage when in Britain, with 16% of adults saying they never cover up on sunny days. The online survey of 2,001 adults, aged 16-75, looked at attitudes to sun protection, not when lying in the sun, but when we’re out and about and active, whether gardening, playing or watching sports. As millions of us spend more time outside in summer months it’s as important as ever to ensure we are using sun protection when out and about.

34% of survey respondents in the South West said they were not likely, or certain not to use sun protection in the summer, when active outdoors and of these, one in five (20%) say they don’t think the sun is strong enough in Britain to need sun protection.

However, our attitudes to sun protection when at home in Britain could also be a contributor with the survey showing that almost one in five (16%) say they only apply sunscreen when they feel they’re starting to burn, and a similar number (18%) feel their skin is used to the sun and doesn’t need protecting.

A third (33%) of respondents from the South West say they have been burnt in the last 12 months, of those 66% said they were burnt because their sun protection wore off, they did not use a high enough SPF or they went swimming and did not use a water resistant sun protection.

The study by P20 which spoke to active people in the sun found that walking (28%), gardening (27%), swimming (27%) and cycling (14%) were activities which resulted in the highest rates of sunburn.

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