A COUPLE are heading to Glastonbury Festival this week to drum up support for WaterAid.

Blackdown Community Choir leader Caroline Rigby and husband Brian Johnson are joining forces with the charity to call on world leaders to improve access to safe, clean water.

Caroline has supported WaterAid for ten years, raising thousands of pounds through various events.

Brian has worked in desert and mountain regions of the Middle East and knows at first-hand the importance of clean water.

The duo will now be working in the recycling team alongside an army of 200 dedicated volunteers making a splash at the world-famous festival.

They said: “We are really proud to have been selected to represent WaterAid at Glastonbury. Access to safe water and improved sanitation really can transform lives.

“This will be a great opportunity to get fellow festival-goers thinking about the realities of life without safe water and toilets and to help engage thousands of people in such an important cause we feel strongly about.”