“KEEP Tiverton tidy” - that's the message from town mayor Sue Griggs who says the people of Tiverton should do more to ensure the streets are free of litter and looking at their best.

Cllr Griggs, who's current project 'Let's Keep Tiverton Tidy' aims to tackle the town's litter problem, says people should have more pride in where they live - and urged the people of Tiverton 'not to be lazy' when it comes to disposing of their rubbish.

She said: “There are some people who are very good at finding a bin for their rubbish, but others who are not so good. I would like to see the town looking tidy all of the time, the town centre has litter pickers, but they do not work weekends so by a Sunday morning, the town can look pretty untidy.

“I think it comes down to having some pride in your town, we need to start taking a greater pride in where we live and work.”

'Let's Keep Tiverton Tidy' sees Sue and a group of volunteers meet to remove weeds from the pavement and pick up rubbish, heavily made up of cigarette butts.

The project is something very close to the town mayor's heart - and with the help of community Cllr Griggs hopes to make a huge difference.

She said: “I hope we will make a difference and encourage people to keep our town looking cleaner and tidier for themselves.

“Maybe we should have more bins but there's no excuse for dropping litter just because there's no bin the second we have some litter to dispose of. If there's no bin take your litter home or hold onto it until you find a bin - simples.

“I hope that having these 'Tidy Tiverton' days will help to encourage more pride in our town.

“It's time we all took responsibility for where we live and work. Don't expect others to tidy up for us let's get on and do it ourselves.

“There are a few very irresponsible and selfish people spoiling things for the majority of us who know better and take a pride in our town.

“Also could I thank Costa coffee who kindly gave us all a much needed cup of coffee after we'd done.

“Anyone wanting to join us would be very welcome - bring protective gloves, a bin bag, trowel or scraper, a brush or maybe a broom and a smile.”

Sue and her team will be out in force again this Sunday, meeting at 10am in Fore Street, next to the town hall.