OVER the course of last week, St James Pool, in Taunton, helped prepare children to learn important information on water safety ready for their summer holidays in a safe and fun way.

The Get Safe campaign is aimed at children to help raise awareness of the dangers posed by water.

Staff at the pool taught children the basic knowledge of how to help in an emergency, how to stay out of danger while still being able to have fun and enjoy themselves.

A few of the tasks the children had to undertake included falling off a raft and how to use the environment to save yourself, swimming against a current, basic survival skills and basic survival questions and answers.

Wellington Sports Centre is staging a similar session on August 19.

For more information about the Get Safe for Summer campaign at Wellington Sports Centre, call 01823-663010.

The Get Safe campaign is supported by The Swimming Trust, an independent charity dedicated to getting more people swimming more often in safe and supportive environments.