A Newton Abbot special constable described as a "man mountain" has received a long service and good conduct award.
Special Constable Richard Milton was presented with the award by the Deputy Chief Constable Bill Skelly, Colonel Edward Bolitho, the Lord Lieutenant of Cornwall, Police andCrime Commissioner Tony Hogg and Chief Officer of the Special Constabulary Marc Kastner-Walmsley, at a ceremony on Tuesday, July 29, at China Fleet Country Club, Saltash.

Richard’s manager said: “I first met man mountain Richard Milton early in 2006 when I was a green special constable straight out of training from Middlemoor. As my eyes met his knee caps, I thought ‘blimey, he’s a big lad; I wonder what his mum fed him as a baby?’ We were both based at Chudleigh police station early in our careers, which for two relatively young keen specials was akin to being sent to a retirement home prematurely.

"In ‘the good old days’ each station had its boundaries, but this did not stop Richard ending up in some bizarre locations and you couldn’t even blame it on Sat Nav failure as they hadn’t been invented then. He would drift all across the patch jumping all over jobs in his thirst for action. His love of action could be something to do with his previous career choice of the Navy and being a chef so it seems a love of uniform is in the blood!

"Richard has always had a dream of joining the police as a regular officer and has been frustrated many times. He had considered joining the MOD and various other options during his time as a special.

"He married a police officer and had a son. Richard carried on his ‘other career’ as a chef in various establishments around Chudleigh as well as completing shifts as a Special mainly based in Newton Abbot.

"Richard led the Specials team with distinction at the Commando Challenge held at Bicton Arena in 2012, completing a barrel roll through the first available large puddle just to get his bright white tee shirt dirty first before the course really started.

"Richard has always been conscientious, thoroughly professional in his dealings with both officers and the general public. He is hard working and an asset to the Special Constabulary and thoroughly deserves his Long Service and Good Conduct award."