ALCOHOL and drug users in West Somerset will soon have access to help from a new service in Minehead. Charity Turning Point has launched a hub to help those battling with addictions, which will open on September 2.

They are managing the hub on behalf of Somerset Drug and Alcohol Service, a new Somerset County Council initiative.

The programme will run from Irnham Lodge Surgery, in Townsend Road, and will aim to provide advice, counselling and support groups as well as drop in and peer mentor sessions.

Those needing help will be able to access it on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and there will also be a day dedicated to working across West Somerset.

The hub means users will not have to travel to Taunton to seek help.

A spokesperson for Turning Point said: “We aim to provide an easy and accessible support for people struggling with alcohol and drug use.

“We will be working with the community, going out and talking about it, stopping it being a taboo subject.

“Turning Point will be able to provide dropin sessions, counselling and medical services for those who need it.

“Irnham Lodge have been fantastic and really supportive of the ‘hub’.”

Cllr Christine Lawrence, chairman of the Somerset Health and Wellbeing Board, Somerset County Council, said: “Drug and alcohol misuse undermines our family and community life.

“It adds to anti-social behaviour, crime, domestic violence and family breakdown. “We are committed to working with our partners to provide swift professional help and support for those who need it, and ensuring that Somerset is a safe and healthy place for everyone to live in.”

  • Turning Point will be holding an event to mark Alcohol Awareness Week, where Avon and Somerset Police, Alcoholics Anonymous and West Somerset College will be involved with raising awareness of alcohol and drug addiction.

The event takes place on September 19 and 20, for more information contact Andy or Michelle on 01823 328463.