A CONSULTATION has been announced by Wellington Carnival Club which could lead to more floats appearing at next year’s carnival event.

Peter Watts, of Point Three CIC, made the announcement for all schools and community groups in and around Wellington to take forward an initiative to increase the number of floats.

He said: “In recent years, many groups have had to resort to walking entries due to the complex requirements in entering a lit float. Point Three will work with schools and community groups and VOSA to get as many as possible on traditional carnival floats next year.”

Dave Rylatt, chair of the Wellington Carnival Committee, said: “Any initiative which supports Wellington Carnival and it would be fantastic if people can join in the carnival on traditional floats.”

Greg Dyke, clerk to Wellington Town Council, said: “The town council applaud this initiative. It is always pleased to lend its general support to anything that might help improve the carnival for both the spectators and those taking part.”

The consultation starts this week, with questionnaires being sent out. For more information call Peter Watts on 07761485657