IT is nearing the end of the academic year. 

Which means in assemblies across the county's schools, badges and certificates for 100 per cent attendance are likely being handed out to pupils that have gone the extra mile to not miss a day of school. 

Or are those children just the ones lucky enough to have not fallen ill during the school year or in need of a specialist appointment that does not count as an 'authorised' absence? 

It seems that now pupils who have been punctual year-round are also being honoured. 

For a lot of children, being punctual is contingent on the person driving them to school. The child might be ready and waiting to go, but if mum, dad, or whoever is taking them to school isn't ready, should the child really be penalised for not being on-time? 

But, of course there will always be some who are more concerned with chatting to their friends on the way to school rather than being on-time.

Some parents have voiced concerns that this gives the wrong message to children, as employers don't usually reward employees for showing up to work on time and for having no days off, and that forcing yourself to go to school in spite of poor health just for a badge might do more harm than good. 

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