THERE ae some painters by the Brewhouse Theatre, they think it's all over, it is now...

After one week the specially commissioned mural on the side of the Brewhouse Theatre and Arts Centre finishes today, Tuesday, July 25.

The curtain will come down on Tom Sledmore and Jack Tierney's work as they have completed the brief given to them by the theatre.

Somerset County Gazette:

The mural has been painted as part of the Brewhouse's 40th birthday and it shows all the different aspects of theatre and theatre at the Brewhouse.

The mural depicts different elements of film and theatre susch as the skull from Hamlet, Tommy Cooper's fez, a conductor, singers, Charlie Chaplin, a child watching a performance and even an astronaut who comes from the film Space Odessy 2001.

For both Tom and Jack this has been one of their biggest jobs and one of the most interesting.

Somerset County Gazette:

They felt the title of it a Perchance to Dream which is a quote frm Hamlet, frames the mural very well and is an ideal wording to have around the edge.