WEST Somerset College says it is conducting a review after all the school’s hair and beauty students failed to get their qualification this year.

Chief executive of Bridgwater College Trust, Peter Elliott, said the results were unacceptable and the Trust would be doing everything in its power to ensure the students gained their qualifications.

Mr Elliott said:“We were surprised and disappointed with the outcomes from the the hair and beauty course and the College is conducted a review into the matter.

"We are working with an external college to review the processes that led to these results and accept that more should have been done sooner.”

Mr Elliott said that the teacher in charge of the course was no longer with the college.

One unhappy parent took to social media to express her frustration with the college after her daughter took the course.
“The college failed to provide the right education for those taking hair and beauty last year, resulting in the whole year failing the coursework,” she said.

“The students had been promised they could retake the coursework and resubmit it to pass the qualification, but now they are saying there is no longer a teacher available.”

However, Mr Elliott was optimistic about the Opportunity Area funding coming into West Somerset College.
“The Careers Enterprise Company has already started work with the college, and we will be ensuring every student leaves with a ‘flight plan’ whether it is going on to A Levels or apprenticeships,” he said.

“We want to widen the offer for vocational subjects but we need to make sure we can sustain that when the Opportunity Area funding stops. It must be irreversible positive change.”