THE vice president of a student union has been banned from drinking on campus after he took part in a challenge - to drink 350 SHOTS.

Dan Varley, 23, from Taunton, is well-known personality at Southampton University, but his recent antics saw him blasted for encouraging drinking - by being present when students quaffed a 'train' of 350 Jaegerbombs.

The music graduate and sabbatical officer could now lose his job after his rowdiness at The Bridge bar where he took part in the huge train at a fresher's awards party.

During the event, 350 glasses of Red Bull were lined up and shots of Jaegermeister were placed on the lip - which were then knocked in like a row of dominoes.

Dan, who has been vice president since July 2015, was banned from all four uni bars earlier this month.

A close friend said Dan, who is known to party hard, was much-loved at the university and said he would never do anything intentionally upset pals.

She said: "He is a big boozer, he was part of the 350 jager bomb event, Dan is basically a big name on campus and everyone really likes him.

"He's really good at his job, it all just got a bit out of hand, he tends to enjoy a drink.

"This is his second academic year as Vice President, he started in July 2015.

"But there is talk of him losing his job, but there were other staff there at the time, the jager bomb event happens every year.

"I think he's quite embarrassed about it, the Student Union is his life.

"This is the last straw in a lot of things, it is an accumulation of him being rowdy when he drinks but he doesn't make the university look bad.

"Southampton has quite a stuffy reputation and I think he gives it the opposite."

As vice president one of Dan's roles is to build social relationships, which may now prove difficult after he was banned from four bars at the university.

In his manifesto Dan said: "I have a few plans for the year, like looking into what type of night time events the Union hosts."

A spokesperson for Southampton Student Union said: "As far as I know he is still Vice President but he is banned from the bars and the bar staff are responsible for not letting him drink."

Dan declined to comment.