TAUNTON'S MP has called for the Government to end uncertainty for 1,000 workers facing an unsure future.

Jeremy Browne is next month again meeting Mike Robinson, the chief executive at sea chart maker the UK Hydrographic Office, in Admiralty Way, Taunton.

Mr Browne is keen to discuss the latest progress in the Government's review of the service.

The Ministry of Defence will announce before the end of the year whether the UKHO will: *remain on its current site, with a rebuild of its outdated building; *move to another site in Taunton, possibly Firepool; *relocate to Exeter, next to the Met Office.

Mr Browne said: "A decision is expected by the end of the year on the future location of the Hydrographic Office.

"It remains a real possibility that the service will be moved to Exeter and I'm doing everything possible to keep it in Taunton.

"Around 1,000 people work at the site and it would be very bleak news for Taunton Deane if those jobs were lost.

"We need to keep this type of high-quality employment in our local economy.

"The UKHO has been in Taunton for decades and is also a real part of our local community.

"There is a need to improve the building and facilities - that will mean redeveloping on the existing site or possibly relocating to a new site in Firepool.

"I don't have particularly strong feelings on the exact location as long as it stays in Taunton.

"I want an end to the uncertainty surrounding as soon as possible.

"It has dragged on for so long and it's unfair on the employees who want to make decisions about where to live and what schools their children will attend."