HOMES and businesses in Taunton town centre were hit by momentary power cuts this morning as Western Power Distribution attempted to find the source of a problem.

The brief blackouts were caused by engineers who were trying to find the source of a problem affecting 400 properties in the County Hall area.

Normal service was resumed by 12.22 but engineers continue to pinpoint the location of the original problem.

Some businesses in Taunton faced queues of customers as they waited for the cuts to stop.

Ben Bland who runs Cash Converters in Station Road, said: “All our lights have been blown and they are going to have to be replaced.

“We’ve had to only let one customer in at a time. All the electrical appliances are working and our electrician has gone to get temporary lights.”

Boots also temporarily closed during the black outs to avoid queues building up in store.

Has your business been affected? Email: or call 01823-365235 and let us know.