WITH the glorious weather, Fireman Sam Live at the Brewhouse on Saturday had to be good to ensure parents weren’t ruing a missed opportunity for some fun in the sun with their children.

Thankfully, the 1h45min show turned out to be top family entertainment that left youngsters buzzing with excitement.

Trailblazing drama it wasn’t, but it benefited from sticking to safe – and successful – territory for children’s shows.

Cue lots of singing, basic sets, simple effects and plenty of audience interaction … what’s that? … you can’t hear me … I said ‘AUDIENCE INTERACTION’. You get the picture.

The characters were in oversize colourful suits and with a non-moving mouth in the head-pieces, the actors used body language effectively to liven the exchanges in what I took to be a pre-recorded soundtrack/script.

The action was set in Pontypandy, Wales, which was hosting its first ever music festival. Youngsters Norman Price and Mandy Flood were determined to find out who the superstar guest was but got into scrapes and needed rescuing a few times by you-know-who.

One minor complaint, for everyone sat in about row F back, Sam’s visor was too low to see his eyes.

Nevermind, it was all just as good as a trip to the seaside or a kick about in the park so family time well spent whatever the weather.