A petition has been started as parents face the reality of what life would be like without Wellington Children’s Centre.

The petition, which has more than 650 signatures, was started by mum, Rachel Condick, in response to Somerset County Council’s consultation over the future of children’s centres across the county.

She said: "As a mother to three children I have used and continue to use the children’s centre and attend groups. I have made some lovely friends there.

"The staff go above and beyond to help you and make you feel welcome.

"When becoming a parent you can sometimes feel isolated but having the children’s centre and the wonderful staff that work there helps."

Tracey Sumner, manager of Wellesley Park Preschool, said: "We have strong links with the children's centre. It has supported some of my most vulnerable and in-need families tackle issues and guide them on to a positive future.

"If he centre were to close the impact would be devastating."

Wellington Town Council has ask for a meeting with SCC to discuss the services in the town.

Cllr Andy Govier said: "I am pleased that the council supported the excellent staff and centre in this way.

"We heard a number of powerful statements of support from centre users and stakeholders who work closely with the centre.

"It is clear that there is major concern that the current changes that are being implemented in the staffing structure are not working to the benefit of local families.

"Staff who have worked in Wellington for years and who are trusted by local parents, are being redeployed to other parts of the county.

"I hope that the agreed meeting with SCC can take place as soon as possible as I am concerned that staff morale and user confidence is eroding under these unnecessary changes."

A spokesperson for SCC said: “We know this is an important subject and welcome the public interest. Any petition received will be taken into account but we would encourage anyone who has an interest to take part in the consultation itself as this is the best way to have your say.

“The proposals are about getting support to the people who need it the most as easily and quickly as possible, with more emphasis on outreach work in community venues and people’s homes.

"The services and support would still be available, though where people access them could change. One to one casework would continue and nursery provision wouldn’t be affected."

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