REMEMBER the three wooden pigs that once adorned the former Old Market Centre, now Orchard, in Taunton?

They’re back – well two of them, as the third is so badly damaged it’s gone to the sty in the sky – and they could be yours.

They’re off on a farewell ‘Snout and About’ tour, after which they’ll be auctioned off.

The Taunton Two, no relation to the Tamworth Two, are bac(k)on the scene after being found wallowing in a store cupboard and given to The Brewhouse theatre.

But they won’t be hamming it up on stage as they’re trotting around town between several locations, starting in Orchard on February 11 and finishing at the Brewhouse on April 13.

Businesses and individuals can pork out sponsorship for the curly-tailed creatures, which were removed from Orchard in 2009 and are getting a facelift from local artists Michael Fairfax and Natalie Parsley.

Spokesman Mr A.N. Chapbook said: “The pigs will tour around Taunton, so residents, tourists and businesses can enjoy them again.

“They’ll be displayed in public places, allowing people free access to view them.

“Businesses will be given the opportunity to temporarily ‘adopt’ the pigs at certain points in the tour, enabling them to have the pigs at their premises, or sponsoring them in situ at a local attraction.”

A guide book is being published and people will be encouraged to post comments on Facebook and Twitter accounts, while competitions will be run throughout the tour.

The pigs will be auctioned off at The Brewhouse at the end of the tour, with proceeds going to the theatre.

We must own up to a rasher of journalistic licence – in case you hadn’t noticed, Mr A. N. Chapbook is an anagram of pork, bacon, ham.