A PENSIONER says she’s going “stir crazy” because her home is still flooded... THREE MONTHS after heavy rainfall battered the county.

Lesley Irving has been practically stranded at Knapp after water surrounded her detached home and cut her off, making it difficult for her to do everyday things.

But there was some respite for the 70-year-old this week as water levels dropped and freed her house for the first time since November.

She said: “I was going stir crazy. We’ve been cut off for months and the water finally dropped at the weekend. Fortunately, not much came in, we just couldn’t get out.

“I’ve got health problems and it was worrying to think what would happen in an emergency. I couldn’t get to the hospital in time and the ambulance wouldn’t have been able to reach me.”

Lesley says she’s only left her house three times since her land was submerged by water.

She has 13 dogs that were forced out of their kennels, as well as a goat and pony which were washed out.

And now she’s calling for the river to be dredged to prevent it happening again.

Lesley said: “The water is just not going out anywhere and it’s the anguish and the worry of what it’s going to do.

“Is it going or is it coming in? You find yourself waking up and checking outside to see what the water is doing.

“I was going stir crazy. Water is being held and this will happen time and time again if nothing is done about it and it’s not fair on the people who live here.”

The Environment Agency says water is stored on the moors before being pumped into the rivers as part of its flood storage design system.