CHILDREN at the nursery of Old Cleeve First School in Washford have relocated as a result of the flooding.

The nursery closed completely on Monday (November 26) after it was flooded, but reopened at the village hall the next day.

About 30 children have been affected with the remaining 150 youngsters at the school carrying on as normal.

Ian Bradbury, executive head of the Quantock Federation covering Old Cleeve, Danesfield and St Peter’s schools, said: “Parents, children and staff have coped really well with the disruption caused by the flooding.

“The nursery floor’s soaking and the hall floor’s also wet, but that has dried out reasonably well, so they’ve been back in for lunch.

“I saw the nursery children in the village hall yesterday and they’re fine. We’ve moved as much play equipment as possible so it still feels like a nursery.”

Danesfield and St Peter’s in Williton both managed to escape unscathed.