How many Polish people live in Taunton Deane?

Of late this has been a frequently asked question.

Actually there are no statistics available which can realistically answer this question.

Recently the Polish language has been heard wherever one goes in the shops, on the streets or at various places of work.

There appears to be a significant number of Polish people living and working locally and the lack of communication links between Polish people themselves as well as with the community in general means that everyone is unaware of what is going on, of opportunities available as well as important information needed to help integration.

Lack of communication means that it is difficult for Polish people to know what is needed to help them integrate within the community and also for the community to understand the Polish character.

The formation of the Polish Association with the view to provide communication links between Polish people and the local community will hopefully start to address this issue.

This will take the form of providing information, promoting Polish culture, organising clubs for children, and organising social events allowing the Polish community and the local people to come together to celebrate important occasions.

Meetings with other organisations will be arranged to impart relevant information.

The Polish Association is looking for volunteers to, organise social events, help with translation, and offer various skills.

If you wish to volunteer or to discuss any way you can help or support the Polish Association please contact: Monika Stennett on 07771-852505 or Przemek Surma 07756-056533.