BACK after a summer break, our monthly column with the Polish Association of Taunton Deane returns this week. Here Karolina Surma looks back on a significant date in Poland's history.

SEPTEMBER is very special for Polish people because we celebrate the anniversary of some tragic events in our history.

One of them is September 17 - the date when the Soviet army crossed our borders in 1939. From that moment we could not enjoy full freedom until 1989.

Recently, members of the Polish Association of Taunton Deane visited survivors of those tragic days when they visited Ilford Park Polish Home, near Newton Abbott and took part in a service celebrated by priest Edward Stachurski.

The residents of Ilford Park - Polish veterans of the last world war - shared with us their memories about the past. They told emotional stories about transportation into USSR and the fight against Nazis. Special guest of that day was Cpt Franciszek Pavey - RAF fighter pilot from Polish 306 Squadron.

We all know about the Second World War, but the personal stories we heard in Ilford Park helped us to see that important part of our history in a special way.

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