TIME for change is well and truly upon us, no more so than in Wiveliscombe and the Ten Parishes, where residents will shortly have the opportunity to make three big changes in the way their lives are governed.

First, they have a by-election coming up on April 2 where they have an opportunity to elect the Conservative candidate Mike Harvey to Taunton Deane Borough Council.

It was the Conservatives on the Deane council who forced them to freeze council tax this year and also reduced the size of the rent increase for council tenants.

Then, on June 4, the Wiveliscombe area can vote for Tony McMahon to succeed Caroline Smeaton as their Conservative councillor on Somerset County Council, helping to end more than a decade of the Lib Dems running the council with Labour’s support.

During that era, the Lib Dems have more than doubled your council tax bills, despite their desperate election stunt this year of going for a smaller increase to try to buy votes.

And, in about 12 months’ time, we will have a General Election where I can become the MP and help to throw Gordon Brown out of Government.

The really exciting aspect of all these elections for residents of Wiveliscombe and the Ten Parishes is that every single person’s vote will count for something.

Every person who goes to the polling station or uses their postal vote to support the Conservatives will become a stakeholder in huge change for the UK, for Somerset, and for Taunton Deane.

Both Mike Harvey and Tony McMahon have been working their socks off recently to get around the area and meet as many people as possible, highlighting how it is only the Conservatives who can bring about the change we need to make everybody’s lives better.

Only last week, Mike Harvey came with me on a visit to Cotleigh Brewery, one of the most respected local businesses in the area, while both Mike and Tony McMahon joined me on a tour of the excellent Wiveliscombe Children’s Centre.

If you want to know more about how Conservatives will change our country please email myself or Tony McMahon or Mike Harvey at taunton@tory.org or visiting


Printed and published by Matthew Butler on behalf of Mark Formosa, Mike Harvey and Tony McMahon, all of 20a Staplegrove Road, Taunton, Somerset.