PUNTERS clinched their fourth title in five years as they beat nearest rivals Shadows in Division One of the Taunton Brewers Skittles League.

Punters hit 551 – the second highest score of the season.

The Crown Kings captain nearly achieved the magic 27 hand at the Shepherds Rest.

His third ball was good but left one pin up to leave him agonisingly on 26.

Results: Division One – The Hounds 453 (Steve Rice 70), Bell Boys 398 (Steve Hathway, Tyrone Ash 56); Banger Boys 458 (Paul Brown 70), Old Inn 434 (Fred Murawicki 60); Punters 551 (Jeff Andrews 80), Shadows 514 (Rob Yard 77); Nomads 437 (Charlie Hutchings 70), Directors 434 (John Bird 65); Argonauts 482 (Jason Hearn 82), Royal Swallows 416 (Phil Summers 63); Poachers 404 (C Cherry 59), Cardinals 424 (John Fry 64). Division Two – Crown Chasers 414 (S Squire 64), Mandela Fc 400 (Fred Bleeks 61); Motormen v Johnnies Boys (no result); Somerset Scarlets 432 (Tom Wadham 62), Teletubbies 438 (D Barrell 62); Sugar Rays 415 (Dennis O’Leary 60), Roamers 377 (Mike Taylor 61); Vikings 414 (Marlon Jeffrey 62), Somerset Plums 408 (Richard Godfrey 62); Trainspotters lost to Roosters. Division Three – Firkin Farmers 393 (Dave Adams 55), Georgians 405 (Chris Puckett 56); Mustangs 444 (Stuart Adams 61), Crown Kings 472 (Simon Bailey 87); Stitch in Time 408 (Ken Widger 59), Crazy Royals 394 (Len Trott 57); Pythons 422 (D Parsons 63), Hatchers 380 (Colin Ewan 55); Near Misses 395 (Bill Kent 60), Bird Bashers 432 (Jack Adams 60). Division Four – Crazy Horses 428 (Manson Hendry 61), Clangers 395 (Ron Lowman 64); Beer Monsters v Pink Wangleys (no result); Charlie Dimmocks 445 (Terry Denslow 72), Renegades 449 (Brian Gudge 64); Swan 416 (Trevor Stone 56), Bell Ends 425 (Jamie Dungworth 71); Rocky One 387 (Alan Fletcher 56), Crown Jewels 352 (Nick Bond 49).

Division One/Two Cup draw: Shadows v Banger Boys (Kings Arms up); Cardinals v Roamers (British Legion, new); Teletubbies v Poachers (Princess Royal, LH), Punters v Vikings (Bell Inn B, Lydeard).

Division Three/Four Cup draw: Charlie Dimmocks v Crazy Horses (Somerset); Rocky One v Beer Monsters (Blackhorse); Pythons v Crown Kings (Princes Royal, RH); Bird Bashers v Pink Wangleys (Waggon).

George Hartland Cup draw: Directors v Somerset Plums (British Legion, old); Sugar Rays v Argonauts (Eagle, old); Motormen v Nomads (Old Inn); Crown Chasers v Johnnies Boys (The Grove).

Sam Davey Cup draw: Swan v Bell Ends (Eagle New); Crown Jewels v Hatchers (Racehorse); Clangers v Mustangs (Royal Crown); Georgians v Near Misses (Kings Arms, D/S). All matches to be played on March 3.