I READ with interest Alan Paul’s letter in last week’s Postbag - “Planning Game” (Postbag, April 20)

He did however fail to mention a fifth player in the planning game of the huge property developments in Taunton - Education. 

We live in Bathpool with the catchment school being West Monkton Primary. 

This school was recently expanded to take into account the growing housing estate. 

We therefore had no concerns about applying for a place for our daughter, who was looking forward to walking to school with her neighbour and best friend, to be in a class with other friends she’d made at West Monkton Pre-school. 

However, this is not to be the case. 

She has been given a place at Creech St Michael Primary, our second choice. 

Her best friend has a different school placement. 

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There will be no walking to school as it now involves a walk along a narrow lane with no pavement. 

She will not know anyone as her friends from pre-school are going to the feeder school of West Monkton. 

With another 1,000 homes forecast to be built over the next year, where are all those children going to go? 

What am I supposed to do when my one-year-old needs to go to school? 

Creech will be oversubscribed by then and we’re not actually in catchment for there so will he end up somewhere else?

Am I to drive to two different schools then? 

Alan Paul joked “good game, good game” but I never considered my children’s education to be a game. 

Unfortunately someone does.