IT was recently revealed Taunton is in contention to be named the UK's most depressing place to live by a public poll - but we think otherwise.

The poll, run by town review site, asked voters to name the towns which evoked 'bland, boring, soul destroying mediocrity with a gaping cultural void... the towns where you just exist rather than live'.

Taunton was one of 153 British towns to make the shortlist, and currently has 0.56% of the vote, ranking more depressing than places such as Walsall, Coventry, Skegness, and Hull.

However, we think it's a travesty that the town has even made the shortlist, and local residents agree - here are eight reasons why Taunton should not be named the UK's most depressing place to live.

Eight reasons why Taunton is not the most depressing place in the UK

1. Vivary Park

The brilliant Vivary Park brings a plethora of talent, entertainment, and events to the town every year, always giving us something to be excited about and look forward to.

Some of the biggest events at the park this year alone include JLS and Busted at Live in Somerset, Taunton Flower Show, and Armed Forces Day.Somerset County Gazette: Live in Somerset setting up in Vivary Park.Live in Somerset setting up in Vivary Park. (Image: Archive)

2. The County Ground

The striking Cooper Associates County Ground is located in the heart of the town, and home to Somerset County Cricket Club.

As well as providing viewing opportunities for top quality sport in Taunton, it was announced last year that the ground will continue to bring international cricket to the town until 2031.

Somerset County Gazette: Cooper Associates County Ground in Taunton.Cooper Associates County Ground in Taunton. (Image: Alan Casling, Somerset Camera Club)

3. Independent Businesses

Taunton is home to a plethora of amazingly run independent businesses offering bespoke services to people from all walks of life.

As covered in the County Gazette's new Love Shopping Local feature, the town is home to a longstanding skateboard and surf shop, an 84 year old toy shop, and many other fantastic businesses in the Taunton Independent Quarter.Somerset County Gazette: Business owners from the independent quarter's formation in 2020.Business owners from the independent quarter's formation in 2020. (Image: Archive)

4. The Food

Locals are spoilt for choice for food options in Taunton - whether it's eating out, or a comforting takeaway.

The award winning Turmeric Kitchen @65 was recently named the county's best restaurant - take a look at the best restaurants in Taunton here.Somerset County Gazette: Food from Turmeric Kitchen @65.Food from Turmeric Kitchen @65. (Image: NQ Staff)

5. Local events

If the constant stream of entertainment on display at Vivary Park isn't already enough, Taunton is home to some sensational and ever-evolving local events.

A new monthly market will run in addition to the already popular Taunton Independent Market from March this year.Somerset County Gazette: Shoppers at Taunton Independent Market in front of the striking Castle Hotel.Shoppers at Taunton Independent Market in front of the striking Castle Hotel. (Image: Daffodil PR)

6. The Brewhouse

Taunton Brewhouse is a central element of the town's character, serving as a reliable hub for classes, entertainment, and education.

Some of the most notable upcoming events include a stand-up gig from Joe Wilkinson, a live rendition of The Hound of the Baskervilles, and a junior detectives writing workshop.Somerset County Gazette: The Brewhouse serves as Taunton's cultural hub.The Brewhouse serves as Taunton's cultural hub. (Image: Archive)

7. The pubs and bars

Regardless of your chosen tipple, Taunton has some excellent spots to enjoy a hard (or soft) beverage.

The Perkin Warbeck, on East Street; The Ring of Bells, on St James Street; and the Wyvern Social Club off South Road all made CAMRA's Good Beer Guide in 2023.

Somerset County Gazette: Staff at The Ring of Bells pub in Taunton.Staff at The Ring of Bells pub in Taunton. (Image: NQ Staff)

8. Carnival

A hit among perhaps everyone in Somerset, the carnival provides us with something to look forward to during those dark winter months, and unifies the community for a joyous occasion.

Last year saw the 56th time the carnival carts paraded through Taunton town centre.