DR Shaun Davey gives compelling reasons why a People’s Vote on the terms of Brexit is good for our democracy (‘People’s vote’, Postbag, August 2).

There is one simple reason why it will be essential: None of the proposals for Brexit stands a chance of getting through the House of Commons.

Theresa May’s proposals just cherry-pick what she wants from the EU and have no chance of success. If she does get a final agreement with the EU, it will at the very best keep us taking EU rules and having no say at all in making those rules. 

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MPs who support ‘Remain’ will think it is far better to stay in the EU as a major player working to reform what needs to be changed.

The ‘hard Brexit’ wing of her party have already rejected her proposals, which many in her party regard as ‘treachery’. They have no alternative proposals and rejoice that we are heading for a ‘no deal’, where we jump off the cliff edge into the unknown with pitifully inadequate preparation.

These are the views of an blinkered minority, the Tory Brexit Establishment elite who are prepared to risk jobs and incomes (but not their own) on the altar of their ideology.

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This view also has no chance of being accepted by a majority of MPs. So what do we do?

More and more people are coming to the conclusion that we need a People’s Vote when we know the results of the negotiations - including Brexit voters who are frustrated that the country being held to ransom by a civil war in the Conservative party.

This is quite different from a ‘second referendum about leaving the EU’. It’s a first Referendum on a future which will be quite different from what we were promised.