SINCE the Tory Party elected Boris Johnson to be their new leader, we have witnessed a deranged ramping-up of the panic on the part of those who lost the vote on June 23, 2016.

And the huge letter you printed last week, from Alan Foyle ('Will of the people was bypassed...', Postbag, August 8), exemplifies this panic.

As pointed out by Douglas Murray in last week’s ‘Telegraph’, for the past three years those who lost the 2016 vote have been fed a constant, drip-drip-drip of false hope, on the part of bitter ‘Remainers’, such as Gina Miller, Tony Blair, Dominic Grieve, and ‘Remain’ institutions such as the BBC, the CBI, and The Times, which has led those who lost the 2016 Referendum to imagine that they can overturn that result, even before it has been implemented.

This poisonous process has prevented those who lost the vote from coming to terms with their grief on losing the vote.

Instead, they have remained stuck, in an immature stage of Elizabeth Kubler-Ross’s ‘Grieving Process’: the stage of anger.

Mr Foyle returns to past events; providing his version as to why the Referendum was held. All water under the bridge. Meanwhile, he does what other ‘Remain’ voters have done, and insults those of us who voted to leave the European Union: “crazy bunch of Brexiteers” is Mr Foyle’s preferred description of us.

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In any event, all is not lost for Mr Foyle.

When we are safely independent once again, he and Gina Miller can start a new campaign to get us back in to the European Union.

After all, if (as ‘Remainers’ claim) the Nation has changed its mind in their favour, since 2016, it ought to be no problem for them to provide the evidence to support their claim, and to elect a Government which is committed to taking us back in.

Good luck with that one, Mr Foyle!