THE recent front-cover story of a McDonald's opening in Asda (County Gazette, August 29) highlights how obsessed the nation has become with eating unhealthy food.

The link between the expanding waistline of the nation and the burgeoning NHS workload is blindingly obvious, but it seems in these politically correct times one cannot say it.

Rather, society demands more money for the NHS, than sorting out the way we live.

Shovelling down poor-quality food in large quantities creates obesity leading to unfulfilled lives and is undoubtedly a key reason in rising mental health issues.

The story on page 7 was four pages before an advertorial for slimming world. The pictured lady highlighted fast food as a cause for putting on 8st.

She is clearly much happier for changing her habits, losing 5st - and the NHS is undoubtedly grateful.

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May I suggest the Gazette find ways to encourage healthy choices, through running stories of how people are living more fulfilling lives as a consequence of looking after themselves properly.

Everyone bangs on about “their rights” these days, but rights come with responsibilities.

There is no greater personal responsibility than looking after our health.

A walk down the high street shows that in today’s society the majority cannot be bothered!

Funding of the NHS would not be an issue if we all remembered that and looked after our health.