I'VE just been reading the letter saying about what has become of Taunton.

I agree Taunton has become a disgrace and has nothing to offer anymore.

Wherever I drive, all I see is litter chucked down in roadsides, which I loath. People just don't seem to care.

We have local pensioners that give their time and clean up the canal, as that's as bad.

Houses houses houses, that's all you see being built, no infrastructure to accommodate it all, just wrecking the countryside for what? Certainly no jobs to offer.

Nothing but congestion on the roads. It makes driving a stressful and unpleasant experience.

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And a major problem is the constant racket of the idiots that are meeting up at Hankridge late at night - and I mean late - till early hours screeching their cars about.

It's a disgrace, no thought for anybody.

We have had to put up with it the last 7 years and are sick of it.

The police's hands are tied. The local council should have barriers put in to block it off at night and not expect the businesses to do it.

It's an absolute nightmare, I don't understand how it's allowed to keep going on. It should be illegal.

I look forward to seeing my later years out in the countryside.

It certainly won't be in this town the way things are going.