Absolutely Fabulous star Julia Sawalha is among Glastonbury Festival regulars to give their top tips for food at next year's event.

And the actor, who is a regular at Worthy Farm, has given a vegan option for punters heading to Pilton on Wednesday.

She tips Veggies - which can be found in the Green Futures field.

Veggies has been at Glastonbury since around 1990 and serves 'pure vegan catering'.

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Glastonbury fans recommended food stalls

If you will be on site for five days, you're probably going to visit more than one food stand so here are some other suggestions from Glastonbury-goers who have eaten there.

La Grande Bouffe

If you fancy a touch of French culinary action in a field in Somerset, La Grand Bouffe is for you. Festival regulars rave about the tartiflette!

Oli's Haloumi

A regular to the side of the Pyramid Stage, for halloumi lovers, this is the place to be.

Manic Organic

Another Glastonbury veteran, providing organic treats from breakfast until tea time. Normally found in the Green Fields.

No Bones Jones

Veggie fritters, salads, stew - it's all at No Bones Jones - a 'quality wholesome veggie vegan buffet'. It's even endorsed by Basil Brush!

Tor RFC Fajita stall

Regulars at the festival for many years, Tor RFC are running a fajita stall at this year's event, offering a decent feed for a decent fee.

Kebab Cartel

'Kebabs that are always gangsta' - or so the slogan goes. Festival goers recommend something a bit spicy from this stall.

Tiny Tea Tent

Another regular in the Green Fields - the Tiny Tea Tent has become as much of a landmark as the Stone Circle for Glastonbury goers.

Goan Fish Curry

One of the most talked about food stalls at Glastonbury. If you fancy trying something a bit different, head to the Goan Fish Curry stall!

And if you'd like to browse all the food options before you arrive, FestieFood has mapped out all the Glastonbury Festival stalls for 2022.