JOEY, the 20-year-old dog who found a new family after his previous owner died, has captured the hearts of many Somerset residents.

The deaf and nearly blind Jack Russell Terrier was taken to Chard's Ferne Animal Sanctuary on Christmas Eve.

Joey has now found a new home with his forever family, complete with two other dogs to keep him company. 

Many residents considered applying for Joey, who still likes to have a small potter in the garden.

Commenting under our original story on social media, one local said: "Senior dogs are so special. Hope he gets the home he deserves very soon."

Another added: "Bless his cottons. I have a 21-year-old Chihuahua and the oldies are so rewarding. I would come get him but have several dogs. Someone go get this beautiful boy and make his days beautiful. Please!"

Someone else said that Joey deserves a warm sofa to snuggle up on: "Aw, Joey, you beautiful pooch, hope you get the best little sofa to snuggle up've been through so much turmoil... 

"Time to chill, snuggle, be warm and comfortable with a new human."

Echoing this, another added: "Bless his little heart. Praying he finds his little sofa and lots of cuddles for the rest of his days."

One commenter felt emotional over the sad story: "Omg how sad is this story. Hope someone comes forward and gives him the love and the comfort he needs."

Many said that they would have loved to have him but couldn't due to personal circumstances: "Bless him.

"I’d have him in a heartbeat but we do already have an elderly female Jack Russell who can be a grumpy madam.

"Hope he gets the best of homes asap."

Similarly, one resident's two rescue Labradors would have made adopting Joey difficult: "I’d have him in a heartbeat but have two rescue labs so I wish this gorgeous golden oldie all the luck in the world in finding his retirement sofa. Good luck beautiful boy."

Speaking about his adoption, a spokesperson from Ferne Animal Sanctuary said: "We at the Sanctuary are all delighted that someone with such a big heart came forward for this little old guy. 

"He is incredible for his age, his mobility is fantastic, he can still see enough to be able to find his people, dog friends and navigate his way around so he has great quality of life."