THE director of a successful pork-based takeaway which opened in Taunton last summer hopes to branch out to other areas, and is looking for potential new operators of the Taunton branch.

Jamie Lyones opened Forkin Porkin in the Orchard Shopping Centre in June 2023, and has always had plans to make the business a franchise - although he never envisioned it to take off so quickly.

"I originally set Forkin Porkin up with intentions to franchise it," he said.

"It’s done very well, it’s been better than any expectations."

The pork shop which serves signature dishes such as the 'Pig Mac' and 'Hog in a box' attracts visitors from across the county and further afield as well as Taunton locals, although Bridgwater customers make up a large portion of the business's client base.

Jamie hopes to eventually open a new Forkin Porkin branch in the Bridgwater area, and also has plans to branch out to Bristol, and even Exeter.

“I get a lot of people from Bridgwater coming down now and they say 'I wish you were in Bridgwater,'" Jamie said.

“We had people coming up from Brighton the other day.

“We get people coming from everywhere really."Somerset County Gazette: Inside Forkin Porkin, in Taunton.Inside Forkin Porkin, in Taunton. (Image: NQ Staff)

Following a booming first eight months in business, Jamie is now looking for a franchisee to take over the Taunton branch.

"I’m on the hunt for a franchisee who basically wants a turnkey business," he said.

"Ideally it would suit a husband and wife team.

"They don’t have to have any experience as full training would be given - it’s a great investment."

Jamie said he will continue to oversee the branch under its prospective new owners, who will have everything they need to get started.

“They’ll always get my support and my backup," he said.

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He believes the unique food on offer at Forkin Porkin is what sets it apart from other food businesses, and gives it the potential to become a successful franchise.

“We feel that we’ve got a niche market because there's not many places you can get pulled pork like we do it," he explained.

“What we do is very niche, it’s different.

“Everyone seems like to pork - it’s proved quite popular."