A 21-MILE diversion route has been put in place for imminent roadworks set to take place on a crucial A-Road in Somerset for almost three weeks.

The A39 Glastonbury Road, which links Wells to Glastonbury from the Strawberry Way roundabout, will be closed in one direction whilst a gas main is replaced between Tuesday, May 28 and Friday, June 14.

Somerset Council say the one-way system will be in effect from a point 176 metres northeast from the junction with Wand Road, in a north-easterly direction to the A39 Strawberry Way Roundabout, a stretch of road spanning approximately 152 metres.Somerset County Gazette: The stretch of road which will be made one-way.The stretch of road which will be made one-way. (Image: Somerset Council)

Whilst traffic heading towards Wells from Glastonbury will still be able to access the road, commuters travelling towards Glastonbury will be diverted on a 21.9-mile route which Travel Somerset say will take 'about 40 minutes'.

The diversion route in place will send motorists from Wells along East Somerset Way, into Shepton Mallet, through Cannards Grave, and then along the A361 through Pilton and West Pennard before re-joining the A39 in Glastonbury.

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Local residents are already disgruntled as works to the road have been going on for weeks now, with temporary traffic lights in place already causing lengthy delays.

The full diversion route put in place by Somerset Council can be viewed below: 

  1. Continue on East Somerset Way 738.60 m
  2. Continue on Bishops Park Way 972.10 m
  3. Continue on Bishops Park Way 3.67 km
  4. Turn slight right towards Shepton Road 350.20 m
  5. Continue on Wells Road 910.80 m
  6. Turn slight right towards Wells Road 1.08 km
  7. Continue on Pike Hill 286.40 m
  8. Continue on Commercial Road 184.40 m
  9. Continue on Paul Street 307 m
  10. Continue on Charlton Road 476.20 m
  11. Continue on Charlton Road 73.70 m
  12. Turn slight right towards Whitstone Road 11.50 m
  13. Continue on Whitstone Road 54.70 m
  14. Continue on Whitstone Road 1.01 km
  15. Continue on Whitstone Road 81.30 m
  16. Turn slight left towards 49.70 m
  17. Turn slight left towards 387.10 m
  18. Continue on 387.60 m
  19. Turn slight left towards 27.90 m
  20. Turn slight left towards 238.30 m
  21. Turn right towards East Compton Road 875.50 m
  22. Continue on East Compton Road 1.74 km
  23. Continue on Whitstone Hill 2.11 km
  24. Continue on 5.80 km
  25. Continue on Edgarley Road 2.09 km
  26. Continue on Coursing Batch 375.40 m
  27. Continue on Chilkwell Street 372.50 m
  28. Turn left towards Bere Lane 484.80 m
  29. Turn right towards Fisher's Hill 141.20 m
  30. Turn left towards Street Road 824.20 m
  31. Turn slight left towards 76.30 m
  32. Turn slight left towards 33.10 m
  33. Continue on 558.80 m
  34. Turn left towards 53.10 m
  35. Turn slight left towards 46.30 m
  36. Turn slight left towards 437.20 m
  37. Turn sharp right towards 44.80 m
  38. Turn slight left towards 2.03 km
  39. Turn slight left towards Wells Road 17.20 m
  40. Turn slight left towards Wells Road 120.10 m
  41. Continue on Wells Road 638.10 m
  42. Continue on Glastonbury Road 2.34 km
  43. Continue on Main Road 928.50 m
  44. Continue on Glastonbury Road 413.10 m
  45. Continue on Glastonbury Road 1.40 km
  46. Continue on Glastonbury Road