OUR story reporting the apparent documentation of 'Earth lights' in Glastonbury has certainly provoked a reaction.

From outright denial of the phenomena, to technical 'explanations', people certainly have a view.

But some folks have got in touch with us to let us know of their own experiences with the orbs, which are claimed to float in the air around some people, even sending their own pictures.

Among those to have experienced them is Adam Koronka, who spotted orbs on the Sussex Downs in 2005.

"I had bivouacked in a nature reserve called Kingley Vale with a friend," he said.

"We were among the 1000 year old Yew trees it the Vale's basin, known as the Druid's Grove.

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"As well as the stunning Yew trees, planted on the site of a Viking battle, the Vale has many archeological features including several Bronze Age burial mounds and various other earthworks.

"It was night time and we'd just brewed coffee and were about to set off on the last leg back to the cars when I looked up and saw two beach-ball sized orbs.

"They looked like giant soap bubbles filled with angelic, flickering candle light. I said to my friend, "Do you see what I see'? He described exactly what I was looking at, so I know it wasn't just me.

"We watched them silently glide at a height of about 30 feet where they disappeared into the woodland.

"It was a beautiful and calming experience and I have wondered ever since what they were. Ball lightning? Jack o" Lanterns, Will 'o the whips? Wandering spirits? All I do know is that I would love to see them again."

Claire Wagstaff caught an apparent orb on camera during a visit to the Commando memorial in Scotland.

"No flash was used and this didn't appear on any other photos immediately before or after when I panned around the area taking photos," she said.

Somerset County Gazette:

SPOTTED: Claire Wagstaff's picture, which appears to show an orb

And Chris Wybranska sent us a picture he took.

"(This is a) photo I took on my iPhone at Noses Point beach in Seaham last week," he explained.

"There is such an orb near the bottom of the picture on the left hand side."

Somerset County Gazette: