Some fans have expressed concerns after Sir Elton John appeared to "struggle" to walk on stage for his Glastonbury show.

Elton John entered the Pyramid Stage at around 9 pm and appeared to limp slightly when walking up to greet the crowd, sparking comments from some online.

The headline show opened with the 76-year-old doing a cover of The Who classic Pinball Wizard to an enthusiastic crowd.

Elton John was confirmed to play all the way back in December of last year when he was the first headliner to be announced for Glastonbury 2023.

When talking with Sky News, Elton's husband David Furnish revealed that the star would be joined by four mystery guests of his choosing.

However, who these guests were was not revealed until the night of the closing show.

Despite winning the crowd over throughout his Pyramid Stage set with fans saying the 'Rocket Man' was "smashing it", some were still concerned at the start.

Fans concerned after Elton John 'struggles' to walk on stage for his Glastonbury 2023 show

Within minutes of his anticipated set starting, some users expressed concerns with one writing on social media: "Elton looked like he was struggling walking out then?! Great intro song tho #EltonJohn #Glastonbury #glastonbury2023."

One added: "I think it safe to say Elton won’t be running about the stage much tonight #Glastonbury #Glasto #glastonbury2023."

Another said: "He can barely walk #glastonbury2023" with one other adding: "Elton can hardly walk."

Despite this rocky start, the international pop star was quickly hitting out with his iconic catalogue of songs such as Goodbye Yellow Brick Road and more.

Elton John's show marks the end of Glastonbury 2023 with fans needing to wait until 2024 to return to Worthy Farm.