Glastonbury 2024 and the Euro 2024 match between England and Slovakia have apparently collided tonight (June 30) as singer Louis Tomlinson brought “a full size television” so he and others could watch the game while at the festival.

TV critic Scott Bryan posted a picture to his X account (formerly Twitter) of music fans gathering around the TV in a field at Glastonbury and Louis Tomlinson fans were quick to tell him that the singer was responsible.

Scott captioned the post: “Incredible that someone bought a full size television to Glastonbury to watch the England game”.

One even posted a screenshot from a social media account which shows the TV with the football commentary team on it and tagging the singer's account with the caption reading: “@louist91 absolute legend settin the footy up”, along with a laughing crying face emoji, suggesting it was Louis' idea.

In the same reply to Scott’s post, Louis Tomlinson can be seen laughing amongst a crowd of people at the festival.

Fans say Louis Tomlinson took “full size television” to Glastonbury

Fans were quick to point out that Louis loves to watch football and was behind the idea with one saying: “Not just anyone that’s Louis Tomlinson”.

Another said: “That is the one and only Louis Tomlinson!”

The Guardian's live Glastonbury blog revealed that it was Louis Tomlinson who bought the TV, generator and dongle to make watching the match possible.

The newspaper reported that he went to Argos to buy all the equipment he needed this morning.

Louis told the newspaper: “It’s the second screen I’ve bought. The first one cracked. I wasn’t going to take credit for it if we lost in normal time but now that we’ve equalised I’m happy to.”

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The former One Direction star has been pictured alongside his sister Lottie Tomlinson on her Instagram story where she joined him in sporting an England shirt while he wore a jacket with the England logo on it.

England went on to win 2-1 against Slovakia in extra time and have progressed to the quarter-finals of the Euros.